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Ted Stevens Anchorage IntlUpdated 21-May-2014
Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl (PANC)
Anchorage, Alaska, United States (99502)
Lat/Lng:61° 10' 26.7" N / 149° 59' 53.5" W
61.174083 / -149.998194
Elevation:151'ft / 46mMSL
Asphalt 3,525m / 11,563ft
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Additional Info / Remarks
Attended continuously.

Class I, ARFF Index E.

Anchorage arpt traffic control has been granted a waiver to the guidelines that prohibit the control twr from taxiing an acft into ‘position and hold’ at an intersection, between sunset and sunrise.

This waiver allows the twr to taxi the acft into ‘position and hold’ during periods of darkness at the following intersection: Rwy 32 at Twy Kilo.

Acft shall not taxi into ‘‘position and hold’’ under the provisions of this waiver when the subject intersection is not visible from the twr.

When provisions of this waiver are being exercised, the affected rwy shall be used for departures only.

Intersection departures will continue to be utilized at other locations between sunrise and sunset.

However, acft cannot be taxied into ‘‘position and hold’’ prior to takeoff clearance.

Noise sensitive area in effect contact arpt manager at 907–266–2525 or arpt ops at
907–266–2600 for further information.

Migratory birds in vicinity of arpt Spring through Fall.

One hr PPR for non-transponder acft ops.

PPR for non-radio aircraft operations.

Pilots must provide an ETA and remain within plus or minus 15 minutes of ETA.

Command Post (Camper) manned 24 hours, DSN317–626–1131 or C907–249–1131.

Ctc Camper 30 minutes out.

To coord non-transponder or non-radio ops ctc Anchorage twr at 907–271–2700 dur admin hours (1630–0100Z‡ weekdays). During non-admin hours and holidays ctc FAA
at 907–271–5936.
No nighttime non-radio acft ops permitted.
Kulis ANG Base ops DSN 626–1225 or C907–249–1225.
Ops Mon–Fri 1630–0100Z‡, clsd weekends and holidays.
Limited acft parking, marginal wingtip clnc while taxiing on parking ramp.
No trans alert.
Military contract fuel avbl 907–243–7627.
No svc or maint except C–130H and HH60G or hangar space.
NOTE: Taxiway K is north of and parallel to Rwy 07R/L–25R/L.
Use caution to avoid landing on taxiway.
Rwy 14 VASI units aligned 5°W of rwy centerline.
When Rwy 07R–25L or Rwy 14–32 are CLOSED, Rwy 07L–25R open to all acft.
FAA ramp PPR ctc ANC FIFO freq 135.85 907–271–2414 or AVN 405–954–9780 Mon–Fri 1500–2330Z‡.
Right turn out of ramp parking area R–2 thru R–4 prohibited.
General aviation ops be alert, jet blast all twys and parking ramp.
No compass
calibration pad.
Rwy 07L slope 0.5% down.
Rwy 25L slope 0.4% up.
Rwy 14 slope 0.5% down.
Rwy 07R, Rwy 07L and Rwy 14 rgt tfc.
Rwy 07R–25L, Rwy 14–32 RVR touchdown, midfield, rollout avbl.
Unlighted 489Ј twr 21⁄2 miles NE.
Portions of Twy K between Twy H and Twy J not vis from twr.
Twy V security gate east of Twy E, key 121.75 5 times to ACTIVATE.
Twy V restricted to acft weighing 12,500 lbs or less.
Subject to jet blast west of Twy E.
Rwy 07L MALSR.
Rwy 14 ODALS.
Centerline lights Rwys 07L–25R, 07R–25L, 14–32.
TDZL Rwy 07L.
Rwy 07R–25L nstd width, rwy width 200Ј east for 7000Ј.
Rwy widens just west of Twy H.
NOTE: See Special Notices—Continuous Power Facilities. See GENERAL NOTICES—ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
METAR23:00 GMT 2018-02-20
Altimeter: 30.55
Visibility: 2.0 statute miles
Wind: 9 knots (from 050°)
Temp: -3°c / 27°f
Humidity: 86.0%

METAR: PANC 202300Z 05009KT 2SM BR OVC003 M03/M05 A3055 RMK AO2 T10331050 $

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Airport Radio Frequencies
KENAI FSS: 122.2
KENAI FSS: 122.3
KENAI FSS: 122.55
PANC ATIS: 118.4
Clearance Delivery: 119.4, 128.65
Ground: 121.9
Tower: 118.3
Approach: 118.6, 119.1, 123.8, 126.4, 134.1
Departure: 118.6, 119.1, 123.8, 126.4
Nearby VORs <50NM
Nearby NDBs
Runway 15 / 33
Dimensions:3524.5 x 46m 11563' x 151'ft
Edge Lights:Medium intensity
Runway 15 [A]Runway 33 [B]
Heading:145°MH  164°TH325°MH   344°TH
61° 11' 59.98"N
150° 0' 52.84"W
61° 10' 9.84"N
149° 59' 51.2"W
TDZ:Yes, lighted
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Runway 07R / 25L
Dimensions:3315.2 x 46m 10877' x 151'ft
Edge Lights:Medium intensity
Runway 07R [A]Runway 25L [B]
Heading:070°MH  089°TH250°MH   269°TH
61° 10' 4.15"N
150° 2' 3.74"W
61° 10' 4.37"N
149° 58' 21.54"W
TDZ:Yes, lighted
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Runway 07L / 25R
Dimensions:3218.7 x 46m 10560' x 151'ft
Edge Lights:Medium intensity
Runway 07L [A]Runway 25R [B]
Heading:070°MH  089°TH250°MH   269°TH
61° 10' 11.15"N
150° 0' 29.99"W
61° 10' 11.31"N
149° 56' 53.89"W
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61° 10' 26.7" N / 149° 59' 53.5" W
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